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Make Money

by Shawn Owen Band

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Tribute 04:43
TRIBUTE One beer left to go Better barter it for one more load Capitalism’s lost its cause Been exposed for all its fatal flaws It wouldn’t matter anyway I spent my last dime just to have this place to stay Without it what then would I do Come knock on your door, ask if I can stay with you We could party all night long Sing that same old Rancid song Till everyone woke up and kicked us out And we would head out to the street Just 2 punk rock kids on just 4 feet I bet we could make it to last call You yell to me from half way down the hall You try to run, but I catch you on the stairs The elevator’s been broke for 2 years Hit the pavement at the same time Puffing on 2 joints it’s so Sublime No one knows what happened next We live our lives with NOFX And violate code 311 Driving like a Mad Caddie, killing Suicide Machine But I believe Rastaman, we’ll be just fine Remember way back in that day That beautiful place, magic time I wish we could have stayed Remembering what we used to do The fun we had, I wish I could go back with you We could laugh a lot again I would not know where to begin It feels like so much has gone But what I know, I know for sure You’re still my brother I’m still yours And until the end of time, we’ll be just fine
Wild Ride 03:04
WILD RIDE Why do I keep it all away from me There must be something there subconsciously Keeping my thoughts underneath So I try to pull the past into a future tense But to leave this world with no suspense You first have to open your teeth Only one life, live so full Once again we ride the bull Even though it bucks like hell We ride it oh so well Couldn’t stop me if you tried No matter who else has lied In these thoughts I confide When does it get to where it needs to be When everything seems to just come free All that’s missing is time Where’ve you been? I’ve been waiting here so patiently Now its becoming plain to see I’ve got to go take what’s mine One thing in life I’ve learned Is that you’ll always get burned All that matters is how you deal What you think not how you feel When all is said and done I say fuck it, have some fun Wild ride has just begun
Make Money 04:01
How am I going to make a billion dollars today I’ll take wars pain and suffering, exploit them to get paid I’ll have to lie, pretend it doesn’t bother me to know that people died Maybe I’ll just make a million dollars today How am I going to make a million dollars today I’ll steal people’s savings and retirements from the stock market trade I’d have to lie, but I wouldn’t ever have to look them in the eye I’ll just make a thousand dollars today How am I going to make a thousand dollars today I’ll grab a gun, rob a liquor store and make them open up the motherfucking safe I’ll have to lie, I’ll never get to tell my friends and family good bye I’ll just make a hundred dollars today How am I going to make a hundred dollars today I’ll act like a gangsta and get caught up in the cocaine game I’d have to lie, forget what I sell might destroy people’s lives I’ll just make a couple dollars today So how am I going to make a couple dollars today I’ll take my guitar to the streets and play it for people's change I’ll have to lie, I’m not homeless so I’m going to need an alibi Still I got to make a couple dollars today MAKE MONEY People making money and they know they’re living wrong They lie to everybody like I tell you in this song But you cant lie to yourself, don’t know how they sleep at night Somehow they figured how to extradite Their guilty conscience into international Waters and dropped of the abyss wall Sinks to the bottom so as not to be found But we can wake up with one unified sound Decide from now until the end we’re going to fight Against all these assailants trying to sneak us in the night The cadence I’ll be marching to on patrol Is kinky reggae now, rock and soul So what’s it going to be? We going to change the world? Does it take a hundred thousand million people in herds? We start as one people changing our minds We’ll find no time for nickel and dimeing
SPENDING TIME Hopefully I’m leaving soon Out of this city, this apartment. One bath no bedroom Head for higher ground Searching for that somewhere where my soul can still be sound Been searching a long time Lots of rhythm but feel no rhyme Feel the rhyme when the music’s near People coming over to hear Funky reggae song Keeps me rocking all of the day and all the night long With one love to share Take this joint man and please pass me one more beer Wake up in the morning with a swollen lung Swollen feet, swollen head with a swollen tongue Got no rhythms to pass the time But the waiting feels fine Why do we stay awake so late? Why do we do the things we do? Why do we flake and perpetrate? I want to spend all my time with you Smiling as I face the sun Beat down on me, take away bad deeds I’ve done Don’t justify me. Lord knows I’ve done wrong But give me one more chance, one new place to start from So when we’re partying later tonight I want to see no fuss and no fight Keep the chain cause I’m in the clear But hey man, pass me a beer Why do we stay awake so late? Why do we do the things we do? Why do we flake and perpetrate? I want to spend all my time with you Why do we get faded, have to hide? Why do we gate ourselves inside? I wouldn’t know what else to do Going to spend all my time with you
WALK OF SHAME I see a man as I walk down the street His heart as dark as night He’s so tired he can barely sleep Underneath this city’s light People smile as they walk on by And turn their eyes away He hangs his head and he starts to cry Here’s nothing left to say. Its LA Picks up his bag, leaves his living room Walks towards the den “You fucking bum” is all he hears from some It’s the same tonight again He lays down behind a garbage can So no one can see Locks himself into his new bedroom While you and I hold a key I’ve seen nothing in this life Compared to what is faced each night Would I stand apart or would I stand the same Would I spend my own life upon this walk of shame I see a woman, beautiful moment A child in her hands Her baby sighs at the sweetest lies She pick garbage from the cans Her dreams are faded as the pavement stars But with two lives to feed She’ll keep dancing in the topless bar Its that sweetest side of greed I’ve seen nothing in this life Compared to what is faced each night Would I stand apart or would I stand the same Would I spend my own life upon this walk of shame
DOUBLE VISION I’ve been trying to say this for days I’m still having trouble I can’t promise you anything while still seeing double I try to tell myself I won’t drink anymore Mostly when I’m on my way back from the liquor store But time has come for change Things need to be rearranged Once more I can’t seem to settle down I need the feel of different ground It feels like I’m always somewhere bound But that’s enough about me What this song was supposed to do Was break it down for you oh so true And logically Pretty baby don’t get me wrong but We don’t need no sappy love song All that we need is another chance to get it on Because I know That this time I’ll go Up inside of you tonight I’ll do it right At least better than last time Turn off the light And let me mack you with a fast rhyme Don’t fuss and fight When you do it feels colder than last December My telephone number is nothing but 3s and still you can’t remember But I got my own form of mind control A double deuce under my seat with the lyrics I stole You say you like the way I sing But when you show wearing shorts like that I’d do anything
Hello my brother, good to see you again It’s been far too long since we’ve shared a pint my friend We got stuck in our lives, seems you’ve done well I must commend But damn it’s good to see you again Hello my sister, you look lovely my dear The years have been kind and life’s left you satisfied it would appear I remember the time our eyes were so full of fear But truly you’re looking so lovely I mean it sincere Every once in a while the stars seem to align Found in a smile is life’s complicated design I know you’d stay through the darkest part of night Would you still be here in the morning light? Hello my father, would you please take my hand My castles have crumbled. I built them all upon the sand I got lost for a while, I realize it’s not what we planned But I promise I’ll be on the right path soon again Hello my mother, take me into your arms These kings that rule aren’t fooled by meek boyish charms As I stand at the gates and the sentry sound the alarm I realized I arrived so unarmed Every once in a while the righteous see the wrong And they tell me it’s darkest always just before the dawn I know you’d stay through the darkest part of night Would you still be here in the morning light? Hello my lover, now its just you and I And this infinite world can be ours if we just stay allied These castles and kingdoms are none but ours to decide As long you’ll be here in the morning light I’m hoping you’ll still be here in the morning light
Now You See 05:02
3 o’clock March 17th chilling at the bar seeing how green my teeth can get before I score but nothing seems to change no matter how I try things just stay the same time just passes by why do I wait so long its right in front of me I think it’s behind the bong but that’s as far as I can see And it’s hazy to look that far I’m so lazy I’d take my car When all I’d have to do is concentrate and it would come to me I’m so broke I can’t even pay attention I don’t think that smoke is my only addiction I just can’t get enough of what I’ve never had Hard to believe with all this love I could still feel sad But we all need a little something to get us through our days A little past acquittal from what set us on our ways You dig yourself so deep you become trapped inside All those fear you keep confront you now with no place to hide What do you do when your whole world caves in on you Where do you go when there’s no place left that you know What do you say when everything turns out this way To who do you cry when you’ve got no answers to why Or what or when or where or how its supposed to be You got to look inside yourself put everyone else on the shelf It’s the only way to drop this misery You’ll find that what’s inside will be the only guide you need Now you see A better feeling when I put down the phone Suddenly I don’t feel so alone I want to stand up and run to the door Get in my and put the gas to the floor If I were smart I’d hop into that ride But the one time I did was the time that I died At least I tried We all gotta try sometimes or else what’s the point of life If you decide to take that chance you better stick it like a knife There’s no second chance for mistakes One imperfection is all it takes To drop the ball and what are you gonna do What you need is a definite plan You gotta stand up and be the man its true A tough position to be in I know Some things you gotta take with a blow To the nuts then stand there with a grin Spread your legs and let em kick you again You can’t let down your guard or they’ll shit all over your yard I know it sucks but that’s the way its gotta be So if you’ll just take my hand I’ll lead you to the promise land with me Now you see
Drop In 03:26
Awake in the morning once again I’d give my best dream to sleep in I feel so tired, feel so week I can hear every bone inside me creak All of the things I thought were gold Just seem like lies that I once told Too many times till they seemed real Reality is so sobering Forces us all to come clean And puts us back on even keel Listening to the rain fall on the lawn Doesn’t seem like the clouds want to push on Front porch and I become so close It reminds me of all that I miss most Like when you and I we were so new When you first said I love you too We started out into the world Now that all seems so long ago Where it went I just don’t know The life I knew became so twirled Look now the sun is peaking through Not all of my thoughts consumed by you Starting to love myself alone I know you’re never coming home That’s ok I’ll be just fine I’ll keep the good times on my mind We'll find It’s just a drop in time
Taylor 04:19
It was a yesterday When I went away Left you behind It’s where you stayed Where your body laid Alone each night You and I Lived so high, alive Under the sun But then the moon She came out way too soon And we were done I remember how you looked when I turned around I remember how you smiled It always seemed we live and die as one Now I feel so denied Taylor I watched you go You took the corner slow Like you might reverse But you turned and left I felt the hand of theft For the very first I closed the door My soul hit the floor As I walked away It feels cold inside Seems some part has dies Just an empty cave We walk along in solidarity Even though so far apart I know there’s something left for you and me I know it in my heart Taylor
UNORGANIZED RELIGION Organized religion has never been my game But as I pass out the body and blood it feels all the same Fungus among us has never answered much Sometimes it gets close enough for me to touch But what am I to do When you won’t follow through And when you go and leave me so what will I say So I can sleep today When all the wrong things in the world seem so far What matters most to me is how close you are Cause though Jesus, he got to try it once again Even I don’t think I’m gods closest friend So with one shot on my mind It’s fairly plain to see I’m pressed for time When you go to Francisco all that I will do is play So I can sleep today When I wake up my designated lover isn’t here And that she’ll never be is what I fear Because California is only a few hours away It would take me entire days So once we again collide I’m gonna do my best to get you to sleep beside But to scream her name inside my bad could give my tongue a blister She’s got the same name as my sister Subtly was never meant for me
Sweet Mary 04:02
SWEET MARY Baby, baby why you walk all over me? I say that maybe you can’t help but cannot see Everyday you run away I’m left behind So I’ll stay and lay awake with less to find to ease my mind Believe me girl I know you had to go Still it hurts me so not to see you grow So I’ll turn to all I have to ease my pain My sweet little baby girl, the sweetest baby Mary Jane Sweet Mary rocks me softly back to sleep Says everything will be ok Sweetest Mary gives me loving not to keep Says to give it all away Now I know we said it’s better off this way But I sat down and did some thinking yesterday What I came up with could do just fine Give up everything and become Rastafari
WANTING FOR EARNING Awaiting time, trapped in a haven of safety Safe at least from my guilty mind Where the price I can’t pay Believe that I’ve tried I feel awake in a dream I’m sure things aren’t what they seem In this realm I reside I’m wanting for earning Longing for learning the lesson that just wouldn’t take I must be mistaken But your way of making love seems so hard to fake What will I do When you realize I’m not deserving of you And we crash on the shore And drift into nevermore This hate inside is the cross left to bear Truth of life if that life is fair And we learn as we go But reap what we sew So alone in the world Lonely boy with the only girl Who erodes through the snow I’m wanting for earning Longing for learning the lesson that just wouldn’t take I must be mistaken But your way of making love seems so hard to fake What will I do When you realize I’m not deserving of you And I’m left on the floor And you fade into nevermore
SURE I wait for a day when a man can stay unstable With so many rules we feel like fools unable But willing to feel so fine A feeling of you In the morning a feeling of what did we do A feeling that you were mine As she’s waking up I’m laying down beside her She don’t know of the dreams of me inside her I drift to a deep dark land underneath of the sea And wonder what it is that I’m meant to be I ask can I sleep here today She says, "Baby it’d be ok” My baby, my sweets, she loves and speaks so directly You don’t understand and you wont if my plan goes correctly Stability has never been mine But she once was And looking back now I know its because She don’t waste no time Of all that I wasted this one tasted sweetest Rhythm and rhyme we let this time complete us But nothing’s finished, nothing’s final Not until it’s stamped on vinyl If you’d ask, “Could I sleep here tonight?” I’d say, “Baby it’d be alright” BALLAD OF A GIRL She wakes up in her makeup Empty bottles lying all upon the floor She’s laid down with the same clown Like she’s done it seems a thousand times before All her headaches and these mistakes Disadvantage what she knows she can become But her soft smile makes her so versatile There isn’t a trap she can’t escape from She don’t mind people talking, words don’t seem to bother Her soul is self-assured, she learned that from her father When she was a child in the world It’s just the ballad of a girl With a soft sigh, says a goodbye In a breath she’s up, off and down the road As the sunrise squints her keen eyes She passes on all the love bestowed She’s working a 9-5 but she’s got what she needs to stay alive When the quitting time comes she heads to the bar where a guitar guy strums Songs as she twirls He plays the ballad of a girl


released June 13, 2015

Shawn Owen - vocals, guitars, ukelele
Zach Ditmars - bass
Ben Bays - percussion
Paul Clagett - drums
Viki Nova - vocals
Tobias Russell - keys
Nick Reider - trumpet
Jim Templin - trombone
Karl Hunter - saxophone
Erin Snedecor - cello
Sue Owen - bodhran
Jordan Sokel - harmonica
Mike Noonan - marimba

Produced by Shawn Owen
Recorded at Sheffield A/V - Baltimore, MD and RMC Sound Solutions - Annapolis, MD
Mixed by Drew Mazurek - Owings Mills, MD
Mastered by Mike Caplan of Lionfox Recording Studios - Washington, DC
Artwork by Aaron Yealdhall of Skribe Studios - Annapolis, MD
Manufactured in USA


all rights reserved



Shawn Owen Band Annapolis, Maryland

Professional snowboarder turned songwriter, Shawn Owen performs 300+ shows per year as a solo performer and fronting the Shawn Owen Band, sharing the stage with national acts such as The Wailers, Slightly Stoopid, G. Love and the Special Sauce, Dropkick Murphys, Passafire, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Donovan Frankenreiter, Dirty Heads and many more. ... more

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